Working at the intersection of strategy and implementation.


Bill Hyjek

Co-founder & President

Bill has 30 years of experience working on national security issues in a wide variety of roles. Bill served in the United States Army for ten years. After his time in the service, Bill managed legislative initiatives both as staff in the United States Senate and in support of Department of Defense acquisition organizations. Bill also served as a leader with the Department of Homeland Security since its inception, specializing in critical infrastructure protection, incident management, stakeholder engagement, and technology programs. As President and CEO, his experience in national security and vision for a best-in-class organization brought OTHSolutions to life. Bill currently leads our business development activities and manages contract implementation.


Nabeela Barbari

Executive Vice President

Nabeela has over 15 years working in national security, specifically in counterterrorism, field operations, infrastructure and cyber security, and budget and procurement management. Most recently, Nabeela served as a Director at the White House National Security Council focused on National Capital Region security and critical infrastructure public policy. During her long tenure at CISA, Nabeela notably served as Associate Chief of CISA Policy and Deputy Associate Director of Strategy and Resources for the Cybersecurity Division. As a Senior Advisor to the Secretary at the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, she advanced national policy and operations while ensuring the preservation of civil rights and liberties across DHS and with state, local, law enforcement, and community members. At OTHSolutions, Nabeela leads growth and delivery initiatives.


Clarissa Gallo

Operations Coordinator for Homeland Security Services

Clarissa has served at CISA and ODNI. Her dynamic understanding of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, and the homeland security enterprise greatly enhances our diverse homeland security services portfolio.


Lupe Hurtado

Corporate Communications & Branding Lead

Lupe is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in strategic communications, digital media, and market behavior. She leads several new corporate initiatives that are advancing OTHSolutions’ partnerships and expanding company reach.