Our strategy services include:

  • Strategic Alignment and Planning
  • Policy and Congressional Affairs
  • Concept of Operations (ConOps) Development and Implementation

Policy and Congressional Affairs - Our policy solutions combine domain expertise, analytics as well as consensus-building skills to create data-driven, stakeholder-informed and results-oriented policy solutions. We gather information, using stakeholder interviews, literature reviews as well as data mining techniques to reframe the problem and desired endstate. We draw upon our extensive experience working with Congress and the White House National Security Council to anticipate issues and construct a range of creative options which reflect differing perspectives, focusing on those that pose the best probability of success. We then apply stakeholder-driven criteria to project the outcome for each option, clarify the tradeoffs across criteria, acknowledge the importance of analytical/data limitations and develop recommendations.

What We Do

OTHSolutions was established to support national security clients in developing roadmaps and building capacity to solve their toughest challenges. Our over-the-horizon (OTH) approach to understanding goals, navigating problems and implementing solutions ensures we view issues as well as options from every vantage point; changing our perspective to look beyond the current line of sight to anticipate challenges as we plot and execute the path forward. We use our experience to design innovative strategic, operational and mission-support solutions while accounting for all influencers that might affect successful implementation, including resource constraints, technical requirements as well as political support. Our expert approach to problem-solving and service delivery ensures a sustainable, results-oriented plan tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Project Management Program and Project Management Infrastructure Security and Resilience Organizational Design and Management Preparedness and Incident Management