Our services

We integrate critical-thinking, technology, and experience to develop multifaceted solutions.


Strategic Alignment & Planning

Amid competing priorities, we influence the development of public policy and support the planning and alignment of resources. Our systems ensure programs are aligned with Department goals, investments, and annual operating plans.

Concept of Operations

From workforce analysis and organizational transformations to targeted security operations and campaigns, we hold the security clearances and trusted client partnerships to support the development and implementation of complex ConOps activity.

Policy & Congressional Affairs

Our experience working with Congress and the White House National Security Council enables us to construct relevant, nuanced, and forward-thinking policy solutions that have a high likelihood of being adopted.

Program & Project Management

Business Process Engineering

Deploy standard operating procedures, guides, and other job aids to foster the improved adoption of sustainable business processes.

Performance Management

Work with stakeholders to develop or enhance key performance indicators, data collection tools, and intuitive dashboard reporting capabilities.

Knowledge Management

Use routine audits and metrics to identify common issues requiring attention either through updated guidance or new training.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Design agendas, facilitation plans, and reporting templates to ensure clients achieve their desired purpose and outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement

Perform stakeholder mapping to ensure desired end-users participate in meetings, workshops, focus groups and conferences when soliciting input.

Strategic Communications

Create collateral materials using content enhanced with sophisticated graphics and layouts to convey clear and comprehensive messages.

Infrastructure & Security Resilience

Risk Management & Resilience

Support the development of analytical frameworks and risk management resources to build Sector Risk Management Agency capacity in buying down prioritized risk.

Sector Partnership Framework

Create and implement national governance and public policy, coordinate and facilitate public/private engagements, and assist in the creation and coordination of new Sector Risk Management Agency responsibilities.

Federal, State & Local Grant Programs

Support the development of policy, implementation plans, and performance measures associated with grant program requirements that address cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure and national critical functions.

Organizational Design & Management

Change Management

Decompose the cascading impacts of change on resources, policies or procedures and anticipate the questions likely to be asked by those affected.

Human Capital Operations & Training

Optimize employee hiring, onboarding and retention. We integrate interactive scenario-based and operationally-driven activities to enhance clients’ organizational learning experience.

Administrative & Operations Support

Perform extensive job analyses tailored to new or existing organizations and employ job aids to reinforce a consistent work approach while improving the quality of our products and services.

Preparedness & Incident Management

Continuity of Operations

Develop and operationalize an organization’s new or existing suite of plans, policies, procedures, training and exercises across the continuity lifecycle.

Preparedness Assessment & Planning

Create planning documents for all-hazard contingency operations, consistent with conventional incident management doctrine.

Exercise Design & Execution

Design cohesive exercises that focus on improving core capabilities and identifying exercise objectives to ensure a realistic, system-wide testing of mission preparedness.