Program and Project Management

Our program and project management services include:

  • Business Process Engineering
  • Performance Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Meeting Design and Facilitation

Program and Project Management - OTHSolutions uses Project Management Body of Knowledge principles, underpinned by best practices from real-world experience, and a stakeholder-driven approach to create customized, agile solutions which address the unique needs of each program or project. We work with the stakeholders to; (1) define realistic, actionable and measurable outcomes; and (2) openly deliberate the competing constraints of scope, schedule, cost, resources, quality and risk up-front. We then adapt our plans based upon a host of inputs ranging from routine in-progress reviews to milestone- or phased-based gate reviews and performance management reporting.

Business Process Engineering - OTHSolutions facilitates stakeholder sessions to document requirements, sequencing, coordination or transition points, overlaps and gaps. We evaluate the resulting data to create and visualize optimal workflows; introducing variables to validate business processes and apply technical solutions which address any issues identified. We then deploy standard operating procedures, guides, microlearning materials and other job aids to foster improved adoption of new or revised business processes.

Performance Management - We first catalog any existing performance measurements and use cases; conducting stakeholder interviews to identify strategic drivers for each measure, available datasets and the processes used to generate metrics. We then work with stakeholders to define new or update existing key performance indicators, create or update existing data collection tools and develop intuitive dashboard reporting capabilities.

Knowledge Management - Governance is the bedrock of our knowledge management solution. It will: distinguish working from approved documents; establish an intuitive taxonomy or file structure; institute a consistent naming convention; use standard metadata tags to facilitate follow-on search and retrieval functions; and reinforce compliance with records management requirements. Once operationalized, we use routine audits to identify common issues and lessons learned requiring attention either through updated guidance or new training.

Strategic Communications - Understanding the target audience is paramount in designing effective outreach campaigns. We study all equities, including preferred information sources of key constituencies, and apply this knowledge to create communications plans that identify print, online as well as in-person opportunities that present the greatest probability to effectively convey important information associated with major milestones or activities. We then create collateral materials focused on the unique aspects of each audience, using content enhanced with sophisticated graphics and layouts to convey clear, concise, comprehensive, consistent and persuasive messages.

Stakeholder Engagement - We believe stakeholder engagement early and often is the key to programmatic buy-in and ultimately improves the adoption of new or evolving solutions. To that end, we perform stakeholder mapping to ensure the desired end-users participate in meetings, workshops, focus groups, online dialogues and conferences when soliciting input on strategic drivers or feedback on discreet products. We also close the loop with stakeholders on any input received to promote continued participation in follow-on requests for assistance.

Meeting Design and Facilitation - We design agendas and facilitation plans to ensure clients achieve their desired purpose and outcomes. When technical discussions are expected, we pair classically trained facilitators with subject matter experts to ensure the right questions are being asked and key answers probed further. Our meeting materials are created to align with the facilitation plan and distributed as read-aheads to better prepare attendees for participation. We also create reporting templates that align with the agenda to simplify the aggregation of inputs and employ a shared, real-time display of notes during the meeting to improve accuracy.

What We Do

OTHSolutions was established to support national security clients in developing roadmaps and building capacity to solve their toughest challenges. Our over-the-horizon (OTH) approach to understanding goals, navigating problems and implementing solutions ensures we view issues as well as options from every vantage point; changing our perspective to look beyond the current line of sight to anticipate challenges as we plot and execute the path forward. We use our experience to design innovative strategic, operational and mission-support solutions while accounting for all influencers that might affect successful implementation, including resource constraints, technical requirements as well as political support. Our expert approach to problem-solving and service delivery ensures a sustainable, results-oriented plan tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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