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Preparedness and Incident Management

Our preparedness and incident management services include:

  • Continuity of Operations/Government
  • Preparedness Assessment and Planning
  • Exercise Design and Execution

Continuity of Operations/Government (COOP/COG) - We use a top-led, grassroots-driven approach to develop new or build upon and operationalize an organization’s suite of fully integrated plans, policies, procedures, training and exercises across all four phases of the continuity lifecycle (readiness, activation, continuity operations, reconstitution). Leveraging our unique team of experts with experience supporting federal mission resilience and consistent with Federal Continuity Directives, our solution will address: (1) essential functions identification, prioritization and mapping; (2) orders of succession; (3) delegations of authority; (4) Availability, diversification and redundancy of critical communications/information systems; (5) essential records management; (6) risk-informed selection of alternate and devolution locations; (7) identify personnel, consisting of leadership, staff, and functional support elements capable of relocating; (8) procedures to transfer statutory authority and responsibilities; (9) reconstitution; and (10) the status of training and exercise capabilities.

Preparedness Planning - OTHSolutions develops planning documents for all-hazard contingency operations, consistent with conventional incident management doctrine and the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide-101 six-step planning process. We also hold appropriate security clearances to ensure best-practice solutions are risk-informed and agile to the current asymmetric threat environment. We perform stakeholder mapping analyses to identify key Whole Community constituencies, conduct stakeholder meetings to solicit input in shaping the plan scope/risk scenarios and perform research to develop a shared understanding of operational priorities among stakeholders. We then conduct a series of workshops, meetings or focus groups to finalize operational priorities, while also capturing insights on process flows, time-phased decision support and potential courses of action for each decision point. We test each course of action through subject matter expert elicitation and scenario-based discussions. We then develop training and conduct tabletop exercises to validate the plan; incorporating lessons learned from after-action reports into the plan for final review.

Exercise Design and Execution - OTHSolutions designs exercises using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Progressive Approach to focus on improving core capabilities through exercises anchored by a common set of exercise objectives rather than a linear progression of exercise types usually associated with the building block model. We adopt a whole community approach when identifying exercise objectives to ensure a realistic, system-wide testing of mission preparedness. We also train personnel on plans and procedures prior so that evaluations can yield tangible corrective action outputs. OTHSolutions draws upon its expertise working at the National Security Council as well as DHS FEMA’s national exercise programs to enhance and scale our model solution for client-specific requirements.

What We Do

OTHSolutions was established to support national security clients in developing roadmaps and building capacity to solve their toughest challenges. Our over-the-horizon (OTH) approach to understanding goals, navigating problems and implementing solutions ensures we view issues as well as options from every vantage point; changing our perspective to look beyond the current line of sight to anticipate challenges as we plot and execute the path forward. We use our experience to design innovative strategic, operational and mission-support solutions while accounting for all influencers that might affect successful implementation, including resource constraints, technical requirements as well as political support. Our expert approach to problem-solving and service delivery ensures a sustainable, results-oriented plan tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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