Company Updates, News | January 23, 2023

OTHSolutions Launches Company Rebranding

As we evolve to meet diverse clients in our nation, our firm has evolved too. Here we introduce a fresh design system that maintains our firm’s ethos of looking over the horizon while keeping our clients’ experience central to innovation and optimization.


The horizon stands for our ability to change perspectives and look beyond the current line of sight. It is the face of our firm. Our new logo has a more stripped-back look giving it a tighter, narrower, and much more compact feel. This allows flexibility to showcase the horizon with greater prominence while maintaining an open and modern presentation.

Color Palette

Our new blue reflects the trustworthiness, loyalty, and peace of mind we promise our national security clients and community. We leaned into a family of blues and a pop of yellow to strengthen our brand recognition. Our new brand color palette is a reminder of our firm’s mission to see over the horizon, and anticipate implementation challenges as we plot a path forward.