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Organizational Design and Management

Our organizational design and management services include:

  • Change Management
  • Human Capital Operations
  • Training
  • Administrative and Operations Support

Organizational Design and Management - Whether spearheading the launch of a new organization or evolving legacy organizations, OTHSolutions focuses first on thoroughly understanding the organization’s intended purpose by studying foundational documentation (i.e., mission/vision statements, strategic planning objectives, charters, etc.) and interviewing stakeholders. We deconstruct this information into key functions and then map needed resources, policies and procedures against each. We then conduct a series of facilitated working group sessions to optimize functional and organizational alignment, producing a work plan that includes a detailed schedule of activities, milestones, assignments and gate reviews.

Change Management - When change is needed, thorough planning and over-communicating are foundational principles to successful implementation. Specifically, OTHSolutions defines the type and approach to change, decomposes the cascading impacts of any change on resources, policies or procedures and anticipates the detailed questions likely to be asked by those affected. During times of change, sensitivities are heightened and our tailored approach to workforce engagement ensures critical tenants of effective communication, equity, inclusivity and safe-space are built in through the implementation process. We map gaps requiring attention against a work plan that includes a detailed schedule of activities, milestones, assignments and gate reviews. We also create stakeholder-driven rollout plans with ample opportunities to reinforce the integration of new programmatic features through training and routine communications. We also build-in performance measures up-front to monitor progress and identify areas of change requiring further attention.

Human Capital Operations – With a deep understanding of the Office of Personnel Management process and human capital operations within the Federal Government, OTHSolutions offers a strategic advantage to government clients in search of innovative and effective solutions to optimize employee hiring, onboarding and retention.

Training - Consistent with the ADDIE+M methodology and learner-centric principles, OTHSolutions integrates scenario-based, operationally-driven, interactive activities to enhance the learning experience and improve long-term retention. Whether performing a needs analysis, developing training materials, drafting program governance solutions or creating an evaluation plan, we prefer pairing instructional designers with internal program experts when feasible to minimize client disruption, reduce the time required to complete assigned tasks or develop products, anticipate challenges and limit the amount of rework required during concurrence reviews.

Administrative and Operations Support - We focus on recruiting and retaining the right people, for the right job at the right time. We perform extensive job analyses to decompose requirements into core functions and identify the competencies (domain knowledge, technical skills) or qualities (soft skills) needed in each role. These results then drive our entire staffing approach. We also realize that administrative and operations support tasks are often repetitive in nature. To that end, we employ a broad range of job aids to reinforce a consistent approach in tackling work assignments while improving the quality of our products and services.

What We Do

OTHSolutions was established to support national security clients in developing roadmaps and building capacity to solve their toughest challenges. Our over-the-horizon (OTH) approach to understanding goals, navigating problems and implementing solutions ensures we view issues as well as options from every vantage point; changing our perspective to look beyond the current line of sight to anticipate challenges as we plot and execute the path forward. We use our experience to design innovative strategic, operational and mission-support solutions while accounting for all influencers that might affect successful implementation, including resource constraints, technical requirements as well as political support. Our expert approach to problem-solving and service delivery ensures a sustainable, results-oriented plan tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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