News | July 26, 2023

Eric Koboski: His Path in National Security at the NRMC

Introducing our latest employee spotlight on Eric Koboski:

Eric joined OTHSolutions in 2021 and began supporting the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) National Risk Management Center (NRMC). Today, he supports the NRMC Analytic Capability Division through organizational design and development and project management. As the NRMC continues to evolve, Eric has served as a subject matter expert and trusted advisor to various leaders, building capacity and bringing continuity to mission-critical initiatives.  

Undeniably, Koboski’s passion for national security and the homeland security enterprise is evident in the quality of—and commitment to—his work. Furthermore, he attributes much of his recent success to the positive work environment fostered by his clients and colleagues across OTHSolutions.

In acknowledgment of the support he receives, Eric elaborates,

“My coworkers are some of the best people that you want working by your side. They are always willing and ready to put in the effort needed to ensure our clients and our team can be proud of the work we accomplish together.”

Eric Koboski

In conclusion, Eric appreciates the camaraderie and collaborative spirit that permeates the organization, which, in turn, motivates and uplifts him every day. As he noted, the unity and mutual dedication enables him to tackle challenges and excel in his role. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Eric enjoys an active lifestyle, regularly running, skiing, and playing disc golf. For more information about OTH and its work with CISA, read the case study here.