Science and Technology Directorate

OTHSolutions staff authored a comprehensive technology lifecycle management workflow for the First Responders Group (FRG). Among other functions, the resulting product established decision-support criteria, roles, responsibilities and timelines associated with portfolio management documentation. We also developed a partnership coordination strategy to reduce duplication of effort, validate lists of capability gaps and identify opportunities to pool resources across RDT&E organizations based upon technical expertise.

OTHSolutions staff designed and facilitated multiple practitioner workshops to identify, define and prioritize capability gaps based upon standard criteria, including documentation of mission needs and operational requirements. We developed an evaluation schema, aligned with an existing assessment process, and coordinated reviews of end-user inputs with other stakeholder organizations to further validate the results.

OTHSolutions staff also developed a plan to integrate new test and evaluation capabilities with legacy FRG resources to perform functional, operational and standards-based testing for commercial products and emerging technologies.