Office of Infrastructure Protection

Sector Outreach and Programs Division

OTHSolutions performs stakeholder engagement and technical writing support to the Sector Outreach and Programs Division (SOPD) within the Office of Infrastructure Protection. We assist SOPD in managing the composition of sector and government coordination councils across all 16 critical infrastructure sectors. OTHSolutions helps SOPD plan, coordinate logistical support for, create supporting materials, facilitate and report on council meetings. We develop informational materials on SOPD initiatives for use by critical infrastructure protection partners, aid in the creation of and manage the concurrence process for SOPD responses to external stakeholder requests for information.

Infrastructure Security Compliance Division

OTHSolutions conducts research, performs alternatives analysis, drafts and socializes policies for a chemical facility risk management program. We develop rollout strategies and corresponding information products to communicate the resulting decisions to both internal and external stakeholders. When regulatory updates are required, we translate policy decisions into preamble language, regulatory text and Regulatory Impact Analysis narratives.

OTHSolutions also facilitates process design sessions. We evaluate the resulting data to create optimal workflows, employ visualization techniques to validate requirements and apply technical solutions to maximize efficiencies. The results are then documented through a broad range of job aids to ensure consistent implementation by program staff.

OTHSolutions is leading efforts to institutionalize and implement Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) principles across the program’s portfolio. Among other initiatives, OTHSolutions developed a governance plan and related templates to guide staff in consistently identifying, developing and maintaining the most appropriate project management documentation needed.