Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

OTHSolutions provides stakeholder engagement and knowledge management services to the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (OCRCL). We designed, created and implemented a relational database solution to inform OCRCL operations planning as well as agency-internal and Congressional reporting requirements. The database included intuitive collection forms and customizable reporting capabilities for their stakeholder relationship and performance metrics information. Our staff also coordinate a series of stakeholder engagement activities, including community meeting support and managing responses to inquiries on high-profile, sensitive issues. In that role, we have planned and coordinated more than 25 regional roundtables, town halls or listening sessions to discuss emerging civil rights and civil liberties issues with local stakeholders across the Nation.

OTHSolutions also provides compliance case management support. In that capacity, we: (1) receive, categorize and record complaints in a custom database solution; (2) normalize, cleanse, identify data gaps and remediate any data submission issues; (3) perform open source research to address select data requirements; (4) draft compliance case summary abstracts; (5) maintain compliance and case management tracking data; and (6) perform correspondence management, to include drafting and distributing response to stakeholder queries.