Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Exercise Division

OTHSolutions provided workforce development support by instituting a training program to develop next generation GIS professionals in support of incident management operations.

National Integration Center

OTHSolutions organized and facilitated practitioner working groups to draft resource typing forms 508 and 509. Our staff promulgated guidelines to better enable multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional resource management and operationalize location-enabled decision-support tools. We also created tools and information products to foster adoption of evolving incident management doctrine during the latest National Incident Management System refresh.

Response Directorate

OTHSolutions developed federal interagency planning documents for all-hazard contingency operations, consistent with conventional incident management doctrine, including the National Incident Management System and the National Response Framework, among others. In that capacity, staff: performed research; collected and conducted data analytics; drafted, evaluated and socialized courses of action across a diverse stakeholder community; and conducted training as well as exercises to validate plan efficacy. Among other tasks, OTHSolutions supported efforts to update: CIKR, resource management and earthquake annexes to the Federal Interagency Operations Plan (FIOP) for Response; power outage hazard annexes for FEMA Regions 5 and 6; and an all-hazards plan for FEMA Region 4. In each case, we employed methodologies consistent with the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG)-101 six-step planning process.