While there are many facets to successful problem solving, the importance of perspective cannot be overstated. All too often, projects miss the mark because they don’t properly define their problem up front or they create plans that look good on paper, but are not implementable.

Our company was established to help its national security customers create and execute roadmaps in solving their toughest challenges. To most effectively navigate a problem, we must see the whole picture. We do that by looking at issues and options from every vantage point; changing our perspective to look beyond the current line of sight, see over the horizon (OTH) and anticipate implementation challenges as we plot a path forward.

We use our experience to design innovative solutions which account for all influencers that might affect implementation (e.g. resource constraints, technical obstacles, political support, etc.). Our critical approach to problem-solving ensures a results-oriented, sustainable plan tailored to each customer’s unique needs.