About the OTHSolutions firm.

OTH sets the standard in consulting. We started in 2017 as a small team of passionate experts.

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OTHSolutions (Over The Horizon Solutions) is an ISO 9001-certified management consulting firm dedicated to delivering innovative, practical solutions at the intersection of strategy and operations that enhance our Nation’s resilience.

We focus on viewing issues and options from every vantage point; changing perspectives to look beyond the current line of sight and anticipate implementation challenges as we bring an unparalleled commitment to excellence in solving our Nation's toughest security challenges.

OTHSolutions offers tailored, sustainable solutions for every client through expertise in strategy, program management, infrastructure resilience, organizational design, and preparedness planning.


To deliver innovative, practical solutions at the intersection of strategy and operations which enhance our Nation’s resilience.


Bringing perspective and an unparalleled commitment to excellence in solving our Nation’s toughest security challenges.

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Our Values

Our core values drive all we do.

People first

Our growth is attributed to our combined experiences, expertise, and trust in one another. We are committed to an inclusive and collaborative environment to benefit and optimize ourselves, our partners, and clients.

Commitment to excellence

To us, quality starts with recruiting team members who also believe quality is a priority and then fostering professional curiosity and creating an environment which encourages group thinking.


Our ethos is one of looking over the horizon to anticipate challenges and improve the status quo. We are trusted advisors dedicated to providing unique solutions because it is innovation that pushes us forward.

Integrity in all we do

At the heart of our core value is integrity. We provide our clients with honest solutions and feedback. Transparency in all we do, and operating above reproach at all times, is the OTHSolutions way.


We ensure success by remaining aware of changes and their impact on programs. Our solution approach integrates flexibility, during both planning and implementation, to ensure we can meet evolving requirements.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to a diverse and equitable workforce that understands the inextricable linkage between inclusivity and national security. Introducing different experiences and a range of perspective allows OTH to thrive.

Our Clients


CRCL FEMA CISA | 2017-Present


CFO | 2016-2021


DC DEM | 2016-2017

What Makes Us Different

Our OTH Approach

We draw upon real-world experience to help our clients understand where they are, where they want to be, and how best to get there. 

Actively Listen

Actively listen to understand our client’s objectives thoroughly.


Analyze issues and options from every vantage point available.


Account for all influencers to design actionable roadmaps.

Assess & Adapt

Assess and adapt to drive results-oriented solutions.

Carbon Footprint

Our path towards sustainability

Read about OTH's total GHG emissions. Numbers were calculated using EPA’s emission calculation tool, consistent with the GHG protocol.